Romantic Lavender Engagement Session | Walla Walla, WA

Jordan + Jeremy’s lavender farm engagement session in Walla Walla, WA was GORGEOUS. Jordan + Jeremy are one of my 2022 wedding couples. They traveled to eastern Washington just to take their engagement photos at the Blue Mountain Lavender Farm. I bet you can’t even tell from the photos that we were working with 15+mph winds!

When to schedule your lavender field session

When you choose a seasonal location for your session, such as a lavender farm, timing is everything. Lavender is in full bloom from June – July in eastern Washington. However, I suggest scheduling your photos as early in June as possible. If you schedule your session mid to late July, you risk the lavender wilting or being bare if you go to a U-Pick farm.

There are also fewer bees if you go earlier in the season. I highly suggest against a lavender field session if you are allergic to bees! While the bees are friendly and I’ve never had a client get stung, they are everywhere. I wouldn’t take the risk of you or your clients are allergic to bees.

During the month of June, sunset is between 8:30pm – 9pm. It’s best to schedule your session between the hours of 6:30pm – 8:30pm because these hours will give you the best light to get that soft, glowy look that most people want for their photos.

Tips for shooting in windy conditions

As a photographer in the greater Walla Walla area (or really eastern Washington in general), I am always prepared for wind. We get a lot of windy days, and sometimes wind can occur that was not forecasted. I’ve worked in extremely windy conditions (up to 20+ MPH) as sometimes rescheduling a session is not possible. Here are some of my tips for shooting in windy conditions:

  • Face your female subject towards the wind, as this avoids her hair being blown in her face.
  • If wind is forecasted, suggest your female client do an updo if she has long hair.
  • Find locations with lots of trees, bushes, or buildings that can cover the wind from the direction it’s blowing.
  • Embrace it, and be patient. Sometimes working with the wind creates emotional and beautiful images that you wouldn’t be able to capture otherwise. Be patient, have a good attitude, and trust that your photographer can make some magic with the circumstances!

Ready to see more of this Walla Walla engagement session?

This is how beautiful your photos can look when you bring all of these tips together. Keep scrolling to see Jeremy + Jordan’s Walla Walla engagement session at Blue Mountain Lavender Farm!

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Lavender fields engagement
Couple shots and details in Walla Walla lavender fields
Couple shot in black and white
Champagne and lavender details
Walla Walla Engagement Session
Fun shots in the lavender fields
Walla Walla Engagement Session

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