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Gabby + Alex met me at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona for a couple photoshoot in the desert! Papago Park is quite a popular location in the Phoenix area. It’s conveniently located 15 minutes from downtown Phoenix. The park has easy access and plenty of parking. It’s also large enough that you can maintain some privacy during a photography session without having to walk a ton. It was a gorgeous and convenient location for a photoshoot!

Tips for your photoshoot at Papago Park

Here’s my best advice to ensure you have a fun and enjoyable time at Papago Park (also nicknamed Papago Park Hole in the Rock):

  • Bring plenty of water! This is a given in the Arizona desert, but there’s a lot to remember when preparing for your photoshoot. Don’t forget to always have water on hand!
  • Determine which parking area/entrance to meet at beforehand, if possible. Sending your location from maps is not always reliable at this park. If the couple and photographer are familiar with the park, determine your meeting location in advance. If not, consider meeting at a mutual location near the park and then arriving to the park together.
  • Schedule your session during the week. Gabby and Alex’s session was on a Monday evening. There was plenty of traffic at the park, but we still had a lot of privacy during our session. Weekends tend to be a lot busier, and parking and finding locations can sometimes be a hassle.
  • For photographers: scout the location before your session! There are SO many options for locations at this park. From cacti, the hole in the rock, a pond surrounded by palm trees, and more! Your options are endless. You’ll save a lot of time during your session by selecting your spots in advance, leaving more time to capture gorgeous images.

Take a look at some of the gorgeous images we captured during this session!

Couple at Hole in the Rock
Joyful couple poses
Fun photos during couples session
Session at Papago Park
Couple session at Papago Park
Couples session in the desert
By the water at Papago Park

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